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Ital Reding Estate


The Ital Reding Estate is one of the most treasured groups of buildings in the canton of Schwyz. The manor house, the Bethlehem House and the former farm building (now the Cantonal Library) are located inside the estate walls.

Ital Reding began constructing the manor house in 1609. There is a baroque garden in front of the main house, with a pavilion on each side. The manor’s display of splendour is its magnificent interior. On the ground floor there is a large garden room, below it a vaulted cellar. The grand rooms with their richly panelled walls and ceilings are located on the first floor, as was the tradition of the time.

The Bethlehem House, built in 1287, bears unique witness to the founding of the Swiss Confederacy, with murals dating from the 16th century.
Stiftung Ital Reding-Haus
Postfach 504
6430 Schwyz
Tel. +41 (0)41 811 45 05
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In 2012, the Ital Reding Estate celebrated its 400th anniversary with a special exhibition: «Contemporary witnesses» (Zeitzeugen). This emotional testimony opened at the beginning of June.

The exhibition brings the estate’s history from the 20th century to life. The retrospective view focuses on people who have close ties to the buildings and surrounding area, offering personal and fascinating accounts and tales of the contemporary witnesses. Texts, pictures and audio documents are available on 30 iPads.