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Folk music

More than tradition

Many musicians from Schwyz have shaped Swiss folk music from the start, including famous names such as Martin Inderbitzin, Albert Bachmann, Rees Gwerder or Hugo Bigi.

Folk music in the canton of Schwyz is characterised by special instruments. One example is the Schwyz accordion, the «Schwyzer Örgeli», which enables one musician to play a melody, accompaniment and rhythm at the same time, as well as complex compositions in various keys. Also popular are the Chlefeli and the Schwyz zither.

Each region has its own characteristics, with the diversity of musicians ranging from yodellers to alphorn trios and zither groups. Traditional intonations are just as popular as modern interpretations of folk music.

A special recommendation is the archaic yodelling festival held in Muota Valley (Muotathal «Naturjuz»).
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