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Hiking without luggage
Do you know what makes hiking even more pleasurable? Having your luggage transferred for you along your hiking route. What’s more, you can book your accommodation and luggage transport from your home.
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Hiking tour: Valley and Peak

Three days - Two nights
Hiking without luggage and the accommodation is booked in advance = pure relaxation!
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Alpine Panorama route

Rorschach – Einsiedeln – Lucerne – Geneva
The Alpine Panorama route passes through some of Switzerland’s most attractive areas in the foothills of the Alps on its way from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva.
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Lake Lucerne tour

Brunnen – Rigi – Küssnacht
At the transition between the foothills of the Alps and the Alps, this round-trip tour around Lake Lucerne offers magnificent views of the valley, the surrounding mountains and the lake.
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Via Jacobi

Brünigweg / Luzernerweg
The pilgrimage route to the grave of St. James in Santiago de Compostela (Northern Spain) is one of the most important spiritual traditions in Europe.
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Via Suworow

Airolo – Ilanz
The Russian General Alexander Suworow marched through the Swiss Alps with his army in the autumn of 1799 to force the French to flee the country. The Via Suworow follows this expedition through a breathtaking mountain landscape.
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