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Sections in the canton of Schwyz

The Pragelpass lives from its eventful history, but also from its beauty between the two different worlds of the cantons Schwyz and Glarus. A tranquil hike with the Schwammhöchi as an atmospheric finale.

The Pragelpass links two cantons with very different characteristics. On one side Canton Schwyz , known as a rather egocentric and tradition-based canton, on the other the more cosmopolitan Glarus. This is probably why the road over the Pragelpass has never really been developed despite its strategic significance, particularly during World War II.

However, from the point of view of environmentalists and hikers, this is also an advantage. The road on the Schwyz side leads through the Bödmerenwald forest, which has largely retained its primeval forest character and, with an area of about 1480 acres, is the most extensive sub-Alpine spruce forest in Western Europe. This hunting area is easily surveyed from the hiking trail. Also along the route and hidden under the enormous karst area, is the Höllloch, the longest cave system in Europe with 195 km of explored passageways.

On the other side of the pass, the trail leads through quiet fields and woodland, past pretty houses, farm buildings and taverns. After the particularly beautiful Klöntalersee, which despite being man-made blends perfectly into the rugged mountain landscape, the final point is reached over the Schwammhöchi, where you are surprised by a lovely water meadow landscape.


Sweeping views to the water meadows of Schwyz narrow at the bridge where Suworow and his army were stopped in late autumn 1799. A tranquil stroll in a famous and history-laden valley.

Muotathal–Hinter Klöntal
A delightful hike over passes with attractive houses and stables lining the way as well as meadows and wetlands. Views to Bödmeren-Urwald (forest) above Muotatal, with the Höllloch cave system spreading out below ground. Of cultural interest: the Gasthaus Richisau (tavern).
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