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Via Suworow

Section in the canton of Schwyz

In autumn 1799, Russian General Suvorov and his army crossed through the Swiss Alps in order to oust the French from the country. The Via Suworow follows the route of this campaign through breathtaking mountain landscape.

Coming from Italy, the Russians crossed the Ticino border at Ponte Tresa, marched over the Monte Ceneri, through the Leventina valley and over the Gotthard, to push forward to Ursern and through the Reusstal valley as far as Altdorf. Resistance by the French at the Urnersee lake and in the Glarner lowlands forced Suvorov to evade them by marching over the Chinzig Chulm and Pragel passes and finally to retreat through the Sernftal valley and over the Panixer pass into the Surselva. The Russian troops left the region of the former Three Leagues alliance via the Rheintal valley in the direction of Russia.

The Suvorov memorials on the Gotthard and in the Schöllenen gorge are reminders of these dramatic events, as are the general's quarters in listed buildings such as the Muotathal Monastery and the Suvorov House in Elm.

In addition to the historic sites along the route, the natural setting is also exceptionally impressive. Rugged mountain valleys, scenic passes, mountain lakes and rivers can all be enjoyed without any worries - in contrast to Suvorov’s troops, who had to march the route under time pressure, enemy attacks and the onset of winter.

Muotathal–Hinter Klöntal
With views of the primeval forest reserve of Bödmeren, through which Suvorov marched in flight from the French, the route leads from Muotatal along alp trails and an impressive stone-slab path in Schluecht over the Pragelpass to Richisau in the hinteren Klöntal valley.
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