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Snowshoe trails

Marked snowshoe trails

Our snowshoe trails are rather a bit shorter and are located near the village. They are far from any natural hazards and absolute safe.

Rieter: 1.9 km / easy snowshoe trail and predominantly flat terrain for easy tours

Brunnerboden: 3.7 km / an extension of the Rieter trail; tours can be extended or steepened

6.2 km / a wonderful tour through deep powder snow with a stopover at Waldhüttli and further towards the Klingenstock bottom station

3.6 km / the “royal tour” leads high up towards Fronalpstock with a magnificent panorama of the Schwyz valley basin and the stunning view of Lake Lucerne
ATTENTION: On the Fronalpstock, please do not use the climbing track for ski touring enthusiasts, but follow the violet coloured poles.

Detailed descriptions are available at:

The activeteam offers guided tours, courses and team events, including equipment rental. Equipment can also be rented in the sports shops at Stoos.

Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus GmbH
Grundstrasse 232
6430 Schwyz
Tel. +41 (0)41 818 08 80
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