Einsiedeln World Theater 2024

Einsiedeln World Theater 2024
World theater will be performed again in the monastery village of Einsiedeln in the summer of 2024!
The Einsiedeln World Theater, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2024, will be performed for the 17th time in front of the grandiose facade of the monastery church. The original was written by the Spanish baroque poet Pedro Calderón de la Barca, who brought the spiritual play about life and death to the stage in 1655. Since 2000, the open-air performances in Einsiedeln have been presented in contemporary reinterpretations.

For the 100th anniversary since the first performance, the World Theater Society has commissioned the author and Georg Büchner Prize winner Lukas Bärfuss and the director Livio Andreina to realize the play. Although the new play refers to Calderón and his characters, it changes "El gran teatro del mundo" decisively in one point: It places a single person at the center, a young woman who grows older and more mature, a woman who seeks her way and happiness, risking much and losing much in the process. A young woman who is guilty and seeks redemption. She wanders through the centuries, taking on different roles. Work exhausts her, politics corrupts her, she takes refuge in religion in vain, loses herself in excess and ecstasy. In the process, the young woman transforms, grows older, and suddenly finds herself an old woman. A whole life takes place, the history of the world emerges in images. And always the question remains, which people have asked themselves in all times: What is the good, the right life? Where can happiness be found? And when the game is over and the evening draws to a close, she finds no final answer, but a realization...

More than 500 women, men and children from the monastery village are involved in this large-scale production free of charge. It is the joint work of an entire village, in which the participants invest most of their free time for almost a year. A unique team effort!

Start of the game: 20:45
Duration of the game: 105 minutes (no intermission)
The seats are covered and therefore protected from the weather (applies conditionally to rows 1-4).

Group and school class bookings as well as wheelchair seating are only possible through the match office. Group discounts from 20 persons on request.

Games office:
+41 55 422 16 92

Further information on www.welttheater.ch

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Wednesday, 26. June 2024 20:45
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Summer break 28.07 - 04.08.2024
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