Museums in Schwyz - On the trail of the Confederates

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Forum Schweizer Geschichte Schwyz

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Ital Reding-Haus Schwyz

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Bundesbriefmuseum Schwyz


The town of Schwyz, situated between Lake Lucerne and the small Lauerzersee, is in the middle of Central Switzerland, where Switzerland began. Schwyz is home to three museums on the history of the Swiss Confederation. The Forum of Swiss History Schwyz, the Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation and the Ital Reding estate with the Bethlehem House.

Lively small town in the heart of Switzerland

Anyone visiting Schwyz for the first time is impressed by the scenic beauty of the area and the striking mountain backdrop of the Great and Small Myths, the local mountain above Schwyz. A stroll through the little town, which the people of Schwyz affectionately call "Dorf" (village), reveals the exciting combination of sacred and secular centre with a large village square.

Forum of Swiss History Schwyz

The exhibition "Emergence of Switzerland" uses virtual guides, innovative media stations and selected objects to illustrate the emergence of the Swiss Confederation in the Middle Ages. Visitors are immersed in a medieval world: they meet a knight on horseback, equipped for battle, listen to a monk dictate in the scriptorium or meet a mule on the Devil's Bridge. The story of the origins of Switzerland is designed as an adventure course that appeals to children and adults emotionally.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

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Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation

The Museum of the Swiss Federal Charter explains the history of Switzerland and recounts its stories, myths and legends, which have become an important part of our country's national identity. At the heart of the museum is the famous Federal Charter of 1291, which was long regarded as Switzerland's founding charter and was venerated almost like a national shrine. In 1936, the Museum of the Federal Charter was built for him as a kind of pilgrimage site.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

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Ital Reding estate and the Bethlehem House

The Ital Reding-Hofstatt is one of the most impressive building groups in the Old Country of Schwyz. With its magnificent rooms, rich interior decoration and baroque garden, it conveys the splendour of a 17th century manor house. It tells stories from the glorious but also difficult times of mercenary service. Within the perimeter wall of the Ital Reding courtyard is also the "Bethlehem" residence, which was built in 1287 and thus dates back to the time when the Swiss Confederation was founded

Opening hours
1 May to 31 October: Tuesday to Friday from 14:00 to 17:00 / Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 16:00
1 November to 30 April: closed

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Muesum pass of Schwyz

Discover the history and culture of original Switzerland with the Schwyzer Museum Pass. It opens the doors to the treasures of the three historic Schwyz museums and provides you with the historical background to the creation of the Swiss Confederation. The Schwyz Museum Pass costs CHF 10 and entitles you to a one-off admission to the three museums in Schwyz. It is valid without restriction. The museums can be visited on any day.

The Schwyzer Museum Pass cannot be purchased at present!

Village tour an guided tours

Discover the sights of Schwyz on your own. During your walk, eleven panels with pictures and short texts provide you with a wealth of information about important places and their stories, public buildings, patrician houses, monasteries, churches and chapels. The tour of the village starts and ends at the "Schwyz Post" bus stop, at the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz.

Or take part in a public guided tour of Schwyz. During this historical tour, you will not only visit the village centre with its main sights, such as the main square with the parish church and town hall or the butcher's shop, but you will also discover the manor houses and the Ital Reding farmhouse with the patrician house and the House of Bethlehem.

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  • Map of sights in Schwyz (german) (350 KB)

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